The EnQ Tea Tree Anti Dandruff Hair Cream 100gm

The EnQ Tea Tree Anti Dandruff Hair Cream 100gm

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Plant Extracts Have Been Used By Civilizations For Thousands Of Years For Their Health Benefits. Tea Tree Oil Can Help With Various Ailments, Such As Dandruff & Hair Loss. Fights Against Dandruff The EnQ Packed Tea Tree Oil in "Hair Cream." Dandruff is Caused By An Accumulation Of Scaly, Dry Skin On Your Scalp. If Left Untreated, The Dead Skin Buildup Could Ultimately Hinder Hair Growth. Tea Tree Oil Can Unclog Hair Follicles And Has Numerous Antimicrobial & Antiseptic Properties. It Acts As A Natural Conditioner For The Scalp And Eliminates Agents That Cause Skin To Flake. It Can Also Help Control Excess Oil Production By The Sebaceous Glands & Keeping The Scalp Moisturised. This Cream Nourishes Hair Follicles And Roots, Producing Strong And Trick Hair.


  • Are You Tired With Dandruff? The EnQ Tea Tree Hair Cream is One Of The Wonderful Solution. Which is Packed With Tea Tree Oil.
  • Tea Tree Oil Increases Oxygen And Nutrient Supply To The Hair Follicles And Treating & Protecting The Scalp From Infections.
  • It Shows Anti-fungal Properties Which Protects Against Dandruff.
  • Tea Tree Oil Improves Blood Flow, Balances The PH Level Of The Scalp & Stimulates The Hair Growth Cycle To Give You A Head Full Of Strong Healthy Hair.
After Washing Hair With Shampoo, Apply Cream & Massage Through From Roots To End. Wait For 5-10 Minutes & Rinse Thoroughly With Water.