The EnQ Papaya Massage Cream 200ml

The EnQ Papaya Massage Cream 200ml

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Papaya is a boon for skin cosmetics due to its extravagant benefits for the skin. The EnQ tries best to convert it into The EnQ papaya massage cream. Papain, a key enzyme present in papaya, helps reduce pigmentation & controls acne breakout and wrinkle formation. It is a powerful exfoliator & dissolves inactive proteins & dead skin cells. So it makes the skin lighter & softer. Papaya has natural bleaching property. So it will lighten skin tone. It helps remove unwanted suntan due to its skin lightening property. It increases collagen production in the skin. Therefore it helps maintain the elasticity of the skin and delays the onset of wrinkles & fine lines.


  • The EnQ Papaya Massage Cream Has a Wonderful Skin Cleaning Properties. So it Reduces Acne.
  • It Helps Remove Wrinkles & Age Spots.
  • It Lightens Dark Spots & Acne Marks Gradually With Regular Use.
  • It Makes Skin Soft, Firmer, and Brighter.
  • It Provides Moisturizez, Healthy, and Smooth Skin.