The EnQ Mix Fruit Facial Kit 280 gms 4 step Organic Facial Kit

The EnQ Mix Fruit Facial Kit 280 gms 4 step Organic Facial Kit

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Filled with collagen-boosting citrus acids, antioxidants, nourishing juices, natural cleansers and many more, fruits have everything that your skin needs but you can only get those benefits when you sit with a basket full of fruits and apply each of them one by one on your skin..!!!
Crazy ???!!!
Yes, it is.
But how about having all those benefits in a single facial kit ??
Well, that's what the enq is known for.
Like all our products, this product makes it super easy for you to use the best of nature's benefits for your skincare routine.


1) Anti Acne

  • Powerful Anti Oxidants Present in Fruits Control Sebum Production in Skin & Helps Fight Acne

2) Radiant Glow

  • Mix Fruit Extracts Naturally Removes Dead Skin Cells, Dirt, Pollution, Excess Oils etc to Bring That Hidden Glow out.

3) Skin Whitening

  • Fruits are Packed with Citrus Acids which are Great For Skin Whitening. Collagen Boosting Anti Ageing
  • Fruits Contain Juices that Boosts Collagen in Skin and Makes the Skin Firmer, Tighter and makes it Look Younger.

4) Ultra Hydrating

  • Fruits are packed with 70% plus Water in them and that's why they are Great Source of Hydration for Skin.

6) De-tanning

  • Strawberries and kiwi are great anti-tanning agents. Their citrus properties nourish the skin and help remove tanning, thus giving you an even skin tone.

How to Use

Step 1: Cleansing Milk - It is infused with Mix Fruit & Moringa Extracts. Apply it on the Face & Neck. Massage in Upward & Outward Circular Motion for 2-3 Minutes & Wipe off with Moist Cotton.
Step 2: Mix Fruit & Moringa Face Scrub - Apply Evenly on Moist Face & Neck. Then Massage Gently in Circular Strokes for 3-4 Minutes. Leave it for 2-3 Mins & Rinse off.
Step 3: Massage Cream - Apply on Face & Neck with wet Finger Tips for 8-10 Minutes. Wipe off with Moist Cotton Pad.
Step 4: Insta Glow Face Pack - Apply The Pack in a Thin Layer on Face & Neck. Avoiding the Eye Contour Area. Rinse off with Splashes of Cold Water or wipe off properly with wet cotton Pad then Pat Dry with soft tissue paper or soft towel.
Step 5: Apply Oil-Free Moisturiser - We Recommend The EnQ Magical Moringa Day Cream.


  • Mix fruit extract
  • Moringa extract