The EnQ De -Tan Papaya Face Wash

The EnQ De -Tan Papaya Face Wash 100ml

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The enq de-tan papaya face wash is enriched with vitamin c, vitamin e, anti-oxidants & papain. It exfoliates dead skin cells due to the papain enzyme. So it gives skin lightning effect. It removes excess oil from your skin pore and makes you free from sticky & oily look. It may help decrease pigmentation & lighten skin tone. It controls acne breakouts. It wonderful antioxidants present in it helps to repair the damage through harmful UV rays & environmental pollution. It can remove tanning so it can give you even skin tone. It eliminates dirt, pollutants & dead skin cells from pores. It will give you clear skin.


  • The enq de-tan papaya face wash eliminates impurities from the skin.
  • It helps reduce pigmentation.
  • It gradually removes tan with regular use.
  • It helps to even out skin tone.
  • It controls the skin oil level & gives an oil-free look.

How to Use

Pour a small quantity onto your palm. Apply on damp face and work up the lather. Massage the face for a minute and wash it off thoroughly.


  • Papaya extract