The EnQ Organic Bio Cleanser

The EnQ 100% Organic Bio Cleanser 200 ml, Washing Liquid For Fruits And Vegetables, Vegetable Cleanser, Non Veg Cleanser

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World"s No.1 Active Food Protection Product

The EnQ Bio Cleanser

Bio Cleanser is More Effective Then Water Washing.

It Can remove More Microbial Load From The Vegetables & Fruits Compared To that When Washed With Plain Water.

It Helps In Removing Dust ,Germs etc.

The EnQ Bio Cleanser Removes Dirt Particles, Chemicals & Pesticide Residues From Fruit & Vegetables For Safe Consumption.

The Presence Of Heenrgy Nano Bio Silver Technology in Bio Cleanser Helps Remove Harm Full bacteria & Clean the Fruits Vegetables Eggs Fish etc.

The EnQ Bio Cleanser Is Safe For Washing Un-cut Fruits & Vegetables.

It Also Treats Fruit & Vegetables To maintain There Original Test & Flavor.


  • Safe & Non-Toxic
  • Removes Dirt,Dust,germs ETC.
  • Maintain Original test & Flavor

How To Use

  • Pour 10 ml Solution in 1 Litre Water. Soak The Fruits, Vegetables, Meat, Egg and Fish For 3 To 5 Minutes in the Prepared Solution.