What Makes Your Skin Look Dull??

Ever Wondered that A great skin is everyone's dream but it is seldom achieved by everyone.

Is skin care that difficult ??

Is skin care expensive ??

Does it take a lot of efforts ?? 

Answer to all these questions might not be a "YES". In fact, answer to all these questions is a clear "NO"


We at "The EnQ" believe Proper Skin Care is everyone's right and we only go to Nature to find best solution for all of you who care for their Beauty. 

Talking about skin care, it is very simple but it requires discipline. 

Let me tell you a story. Story of my wife. Her skin behaved in complicated ways. In some season it used to be dry and in some very oily. And moreover her skin is very sensitive. She tried So many products from so many skin care brands but no result. And as if this was less, she used to have breakouts every now & then. 

It was that time when she turned to me for some advice on skin care. And that was time for me to help her with whatever the basic knowledge I had about skin care and products to be used. And I suggested she start with a very small but disciplined routine. 

I told her when you use The EnQ Organic Skin Care Products, even once in a day application of our products will also show significant results in just two to three weeks time. 

Getting back to the skin care routine I suggested her, I told her to use just 3 products on a daily basis for at least a month and she promised that she will do that. 

Now, coming to the products, she used following three products. 

1. The EnQ Neem & Turmeric Facial Cleanser 

2. The EnQ Organic Green Tea Toner 

3. The EnQ Kumkumadi Radiance Night Cream 

That's It. 

If you have noticed this, First Product is a cleanser, second a toner and third a moisturiser. And this routine is called "CTM". A term we all are well versed with but a very few people takes it seriously. 

Now let me ask you a question. How often do you do CTM ?

Before I tell you about the results she got, Let me tell you a little more on CTM and it's importance. 

  • CTM is the most basic skin care routine that can give dramatic results within a few days. 
  • Even If you follow this routine every night, just before going to sleep, you will be able to improve your skin health drastically in just a couple of weeks. 
  • First Step is The EnQ Neem & Turmeric Facial Cleanser ( You can also use The EnQ Magical Moringa Facial Cleanser) and it deeply cleanses your skin including pores. It is kind of reversing whatever your skin has faced during the whole day - namely dirt, pollution, sun damage, any other foreign body intervention in your skin pores, etc. - and this process opens all your pores so that they can breathe well for some time. 
  • Second Step is The EnQ Organic Green Tea Toner ( you can use The EnQ cucumber skin toner or The EnQ Vitamin C Toner too). As you might be knowing, toner helps close all the open pores on your skin. But what makes The EnQ Organic Green Tea Toner better is, it will first nourish your skin with Organic Green Tea Extract and it will also hydrate the skin. And then definitely it will close the pores. You need to apply The EnQ toner within one minute after cleansing your face with The EnQ Cleanser. 
  • Now that your cleansed and toned skin is ready, it is time for some moisturiser which will stay on your skin for quite some time and will do its wonders. So the Third step is The EnQ Kumkumadi Radiance Night Cream ( avoid if you have oily skin and use The EnQ Vitamin C Night Cream instead or The EnQ Magical Moringa Day Cream is you are following day time skin care routine) you just need to apply this cream and go to sleep. The "Kumkumadi Oil" used in The EnQ Kumkumadi Radiance Night Cream is one of our best ingredients. Made with authentic ayurvedic process and with all organic ingredients, it not only nourishes your skin but also shows 3 in 1 effects namely Anti Ageing, Skin Brightening & Anti Acne with regular use. 

Now that you have known the secret of good skin care, it is time to go back to my story and tell you about the results. 

Within a week, my wife's skin started looking even toned, with a lot of shine and vitality that was visible.

In two weeks, the skin started looking normal not too much dry not too much oily.

And in Four weeks, she started getting complements about her skin from everyone she meets and that has not stopped till date. Not to mention, she has started selling our products to all her Friends and they all are very happy. 

So what did we do here??!!!

Did we spent a lot of time efforts or money for this kind of results?? or Does it look difficult to follow?? Does it sound too expensive ??

I guess you will answer all these question with a Big "NO"

My suggestion to you is, if you are not following any such routine, "You Must"
Best part is, we are here to help. Send us your pics on cosmetics.care@theenq.in and let us know about your skin care goals. We will suggest best suitable products for you. 

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Thanking you,

Dedicated to your beauty,
Nishidh T Goradia,
Founder & Director,
The EnQ

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